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XeDit 7.2

A simplistic plain text site editor.


An experimental plain text PHP databasing solution. No MySQL required.


Forensic tool for gathering information and files from Windows PC's.

Monday August 27th 2012

There have been errors across the Veltx Network recently. Perhaps over a week. It appears that multiple file permissions were set too low. Thus, writing to databases or files was apparently affected. It should be fixed now. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Thursday August 9th 2012



Xtrakt is a new forensic software tool for gathering information and files from Windows PC's. It has been designed to work with XP and Vista/7. Xtrakt can gather past and present information in the form of files from various locations, Windows logs, registry info, etc.

This should not be considered a full replacement or substitute for programs such as Cofee; as Xtrakt has not been tested in volatile evidence gathering situations.

This software should be able to gather far more information than Cofee (Microsoft developed forensic tookkit) in a tested manner with little-to-no user interaction required. In fact Xtrakt uses many of the same programs to extract information, most being available within Windows or developed by Microsoft.

Wednesday September 1st 2010

Site Databasing

Up until recently, my site has engine has been split between using XDD3 databasing and a form of XDD5 databasing.

This was confusing, and didn't make sense, since XDD5 is a big improvement over the outdated 3.0 version.

It took all night, but, I successfully transferred the entire site/engine to XDD5 databasing. The same version available now in downloads.

What? is a general projects website and central hub for simplifying, web development, network securities, software optimization and statistics analysis.

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