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XeDit 7.2

A simplistic plain text site editor.


An experimental plain text PHP databasing solution. No MySQL required.


Forensic tool for gathering information and files from Windows PC's.

Thursday October 10th 2013

For more information on the recent Tor related leaks and information. See this comprehensive list by Runa A. Sandvick.

At time of this posting it contains a list of 19 article links, 6 document/slide links and an article link for the "lulz".

Friday February 15th 2013

I am excited to be User Of The Day out of over 25,000 active users on the MilkyWay@Home project. I have been helping the project compute data for a 3D model of our galaxy. MilkyWay@Home - Several years ago I was the User Of The Day on Einstein@Home

Thursday December 27th 2012

Not only did the Baidu Bot and BingBot crawl a restricted URL listed in my robots file. But they both acquired the URL address from the same instruction to not index it. It was a "bad bot" trap, and it worked. But surprising from 2 of the internet's top search engines.

What? is a general projects website and central hub for simplifying, web development, network securities, software optimization and statistics analysis.

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