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XegmentDelta Databasing (X.D.D) is a PHP system for storing text and numerical data inside text file databases without MySQL or SQLite.


This is a On-Host text file editor, that can be used to edit any type of file that can be edited as ASCII Text. You can use this to edit, and save HTML, PHP, TXT, etc files on-host and save them on-host without downloading. This is also Password-Protected to deter misuse.


This script allows you to block ad-block software from one or more pages of your website. If they use ad-block the script will display a notification (that you can modify).

Image Viewer

Simple & easy to use image viewer that can be integrated with virtually any website. It centers vertically, and horizontally, any image displayed, and allows for added caption & copyright notice. You can link to virtually unlimited images all with one page. Requires PHP.

Password Protected Uploader

This password protected uploader, allows you to upload files directly to your web server without use of a web host interface. This comes in handy when using a web host with a slow web interface file manager, or when you want to upload only a single file.



NetPingXP allows easy access to the built in ping utility in Microsoft Windows XP. You can easily select options which add command line parameters to easily vary the ping count, time and IP address.


OrganizeXP allows you to organize many files in Microsoft Windows XP. You can place the software in any folder you wish to organize, the software will create folders and organize files into coresponding folders by type. NOTICE: Windows XP is a requirement. Other Windows Versions can have unforseen outcomes.


SystemInformationXP automatically saves system information into text files in the folder executed from. Including a C Drive directory tree listing. For use on Windows XP.


NetworkComputersXP displays a list of computers that are visible on the local network. It is dependent on running system services. A notice will display if the service is not running.


WinFirewallXP allows you to quickly and easily enable or disable the Microsoft Windows XP built in Firewall. Much easier than the usual control panel procedure. Great for running certain programs or configurations which require the Firewall disabled often.

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