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XeDit 7.2

A simplistic plain text site editor.


An experimental plain text PHP databasing solution. No MySQL required.


Forensic tool for gathering information and files from Windows PC's.

Friday August 27th 2010

I have recently become a member of The Host Helpers. A community on the interwebs of admins, coders and designers all in one place.

I was once active on 110mb Hosting Forums but now prefer The Host Helpers as many past members of 110mb have moved as well.

Join us in The Host Helpers community and add to the diverse, active members from around the world.

Sunday August 22nd 2010

XeDit 5 has been updated to version 5.1

As of Version 5.1, the file-to-open text box is focused automatically. This allows you to start typing the filename to open instantly after XeDit load without clicking on the text box manually.

Tuesday April 13th 2010

Learn more about QRCodes...

Wikipedia: QRCode

What? is a general projects website and central hub for simplifying, web development, network securities, software optimization and statistics analysis.

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