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XeDit 7.2

A simplistic plain text site editor.


An experimental plain text PHP databasing solution. No MySQL required.


Forensic tool for gathering information and files from Windows PC's.

Friday March 19th 2010

Media On Twitter

2 of the best services for posting media to Twitter. Both utilizing the Twitter API system to allow singular login credentials making them extremely simplistic.

TwitPic (Images)

TwitVid (Video)

Wednesday March 3rd 2010

Want to mass delete Tweets on the popular micro-blogging service Twitter? Try using the web based tool below.

b based tool below.

Saturday July 11th 2009

XDD5 RC1 has been released. It's in basic stage of release. It is a completely revised way of storing data in text file databases, and not compatible with XDD3 or previous. Several basic functions shown in the download. Be one of the first to test XDD5!


What? is a general projects website and central hub for simplifying, web development, network securities, software optimization and statistics analysis.

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