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Xegment Delta Databasing (X.D.D) is a PHP system for storing text and numerical data inside text file databases without MySQL or SQLite.


Basically, XDD uses PHP array's and saves array data in text files. If you can set your data in an array, it can be saved by XDD.

When you need to save a hit count, user name, a comment or text. You normally set it to a standard PHP variable. But this is forgotten by PHP every page load.

Instead, you simply set data inside an array (a variable with many variables contained within it.) and XDD can save everything in that array to a text file. Simply include the text file in all your scripts, and the data you saved is available to your whole site.

This means that data you would normally lose on every page load can be saved and used. Great for coders with scripts that need to save data but are unsure if the end user has MySQL or SQLite.

Contained inside the download is a ReadMe file with examples of how XDD can be used. You should use these as templates.

The current version is XDD 5. XDD has changed rapidly in the last release. So it is very different from past versions. If you have questions, please Contact Administrator.


  • Download the zip file, and extract "xdd.php" and the readme file.
  • Use readme file examples as templates for XDD usage.
  • Open "xdd.php" with a text editor and edit settings if desired.
  • Upload "xdd.php" to your web server root.
  • Add the inclusion code to the top of all PHP scripts you wish to use XDD with.

CHMOD Settings & Security

It is recommended to have all database files properly CHMOD'd so XDD can read and write from and to them. As well as having proper access permissions set so public users cannot simply view database contents via a URL..

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