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This is a On-Host text file editor, that can be used to edit any type of file that can be edited as ASCII Text. You can use this to edit, and save HTML, PHP, TXT, etc files on-host and save them on-host without downloading.
This is also Password-Protected to deter misuse.

NOTE: Some files which do not contain ACSII character that are mis-read, may be corrupt when saving. Be sure to keep backups of files. Also, when saving, files on Linux Servers must be CHMOD'd properly in order to save. The same applies when editing XeDit internally within the interface.

EDITED: As of Version 7.2, AJAX support removed.
1. AJAX systems have been removed.
2. Code and verbatim have been cleaned up.
3. Spanish and French languages have been added.

EDITED: As of Version 7.1, multi-language support has been added.
1. Multiple Language Support Added.
2. Nederlands/Dutch Added (Translation by Human 1.0).
3. Language option can be changed in code header or in settings section.

EDITED: As of Version 7.0, AJAX support has been added by Confuser.
1. Files open and save faster.
2. You can delete files directly from XeDit.
3. Last modified time and data are displayed for each file.
4. AJAX can be disabled in the settings section.

EDITED: As of Version 6.2, warning is displayed if default password not displayed.
1. Warning is displayed if default password remains unchanged.
2. Fixed some securitu concerns.
3. Alerts have been changed grammatically.

EDITED: As of Version 6.1, you can now choose file from drop menu or manually type.
1. Added manual file choose form.
2. Fixed HTML error.

EDITED (Most Recent): As of Version 6.0, code has been manually recompiled, system optimized with many minor and major upgrades and fixes.
1. File drop down menu to choose files from anywhere on host (if xedit resides in root.)
2. New default theme.
3. New upgrade check. When you open settings, it will show if a upgrade is available.
4. XeDit will not save blank file which causes error in reopening.
5. XeDit will not display common non-editable files in drop menu (Such as JPG, GIF, MP3).
6. XeDit displays number of editable files available.

EDITED: As of Version 5.2, a new color theme chooser as been added.
1. The new color chooser allows you to choose from 4 preset themes. Default, Original, Night & White. The default theme has also been changed.

EDITED: As of Version 5.1, the file-to-open text box is focused automatically.
1. This allows you to start typing the filename to open instantly after XeDit load without clicking on the text box manually.

EDITED: As of Version 5, password variable contained inside xedit file is encrypted.
1. The real password cannot be viewed inside the XeDit file. Only an encryption hash. You must change password within the user intaeface or manually with MD5 encryption hash of your password.

EDITED: As of Version 4.2, less errors are displayed by PHP when an error occurs.
1. Error was fixed that caused file not to display in textarea

EDITED: As of Version 4.1, less errors are displayed by PHP when an error occurs.
1. If a file is not CHMOD'd or not able to be written to, XeDit displays a error and supresses the PHP error.
2. If a file exists, yet does not read, the system will display an error instead of PHP.
3. The notice that is displayed in case a file does not exist, is now shown as default font color, to be easier to see.
4. An error is displayed if the system is not able to edit the XeDit file for settings modification.
5. Default body font color changed to make PHP errors easier to see if they do occur. And modification of XeDit would be easier this way.


* Text editing area enlarges to fit the current browser window (This also now works in IE), thanks to coding from Paul Wratt..

* Edit authentication details within the interface in the settings section.

* Edit color theme within the interface in settings section.

* Editor can create file on save if it does not exist.


* Download the zip file, and extract "xedit.php".
* Upload to your web server.
* Go to the location of the editor.
* Login to the editor with the default username and password.
* Click Settings, and modify authentication and Color theme if desired.

Default Username: admin
Default Password: password ("5f4dcc3b5aa765d61d8327deb882cf99")

CHMOD Settings

I have to strongly note, that is required that files being read or saved be properly CHMOD'd... Otherwise the process will fail. If you save a file getting an error, click BACK and make the file writable, and re-save.

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