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Xtrakt is a new forensic software tool for gathering information and files from Windows PC's. It has been designed to work with XP and Vista/7. Xtrakt can gather past and present information in the form of files from various locations, Windows logs, registry info, etc.

This should not be considered a full replacement or substitute for programs such as Cofee; as Xtrakt has not been tested in volatile evidence gathering situations.

This software should be able to gather far more information than Cofee (Microsoft developed forensic tookkit) in a tested manner with little-to-no user interaction required. In fact Xtrakt uses many of the same programs to extract information, most being available within Windows or developed by Microsoft.

Including but not limited to:

Database Files
Text Files
High QUality Images
PC Information
Network Information
Wifi Password Information
Registry Backup
Registry Information
Email logs
Browser logs


It is recommended to put Xtrakt on a USB or USB-Mass-Storage Removeable Media device but it can be placed in any folder you wish but recommended to place it out of the main drive of the host you are running it on and autorun may not function unless reconfigured.

Extract the contents of to root of USB drive or removeable media.

Program Basics:
  • START.cmd (Autorun Will Start This Automatically)
  • This file will start the Xtrakt menu allowing choices between full or limited extraction procedures.

  • AUTO.cmd
  • This will run automatically the full extraction procedures.

  • STOP.cmd
  • While the extraction process works, it is not visible. So this file, when opened, will stop the file extraction process.

When you start Xtrakt with the menu. You have option to choose full or limited extraction. One is shorter and gets less information. When Xtrakt starts, it stores all information in a relative folder named after the computer hostname it's running on. The process will continue to add information to this folder until the end, when it will delete any empty folders and zip the contents into a randomly named zip file. Afterware first folder is deleted. Log.txt will contain information about the process.


By using this program you agree to the following terms and conditions.

You take full responsiblity for your use of this software, and agree to not hold the softwares author in any way responsible for any damage occuring directly or indirectly from the use of this software. Please review your local legal laws about using this software. This software is not guaranteed. It may cause damage. And this program is covered under the works agreement available at


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